At the onset, I would like to thank each one of my dear readers for taking time to read these excerpts from my life and my so called “beliefs”. Sharing these with you, has been, for me (up till now) and will be going forward, a very enriching and a most gratifying experience. It leaves me with a very “happy” feeling and I truly hope it turns out the same way for you and pray that it benefit all mankind.


I also take this opportunity, to extend a very sincere “thanks” to all those who have loved me (before this website was created i.e.). I certainly wish that you continue to do that even now having perused through it.


In the end, this (too long a) word of gratitude remains incomplete without giving a very special thanks to,

·         Dad & Mom - for showering me with their love, care, support & encouragement and above all, for bringing me into this beautiful world and making me the person I am today. Please promise to be my parents in the next life and in all the future lives to come, for that matter (if there is such a thing as that). 


·         Ma & Papa - for being the first ones (and the only ones so far, actually) to write to “Dares To Dream”, for your encouraging words, and for your prayers and best wishes. I really need them all.


·         Sis - for encircling me with (besides love and care), her wisdom, her knowledge, her austere code of conduct (as if I could have ever benefited from any such “austere” code of conducts) and even more for being a true inspiration, for surviving my banters…and for sharing a common heart.    

·         “Eats A Lot” - for putting up with me all these years, for being my best friend (incidentally also my hubby), more so, for funding this project, for being the first one to read my write-ups and of course his blank expressions (the poker-faces) after, without which this work would not have undergone umpteen revisions (in an attempt to make it better i.e.) before it was finally presented to my dear readers (Phew!).

·         Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse - I have no idea how the first author I ever picked for leisurely reading (in 12th grade) happened to be Sir Wodehouse - “Service With A Smile”. Albeit, there is little wonder in how one gets glued to his mesmerizing works (I being no exception to it - none whatsoever). As I set forward, I can’t imagine whom I would have reverenced more as my guru, my mentor, than Sir himself. I “thank” Sir (at the same time as I pay my respects) for subconsciously or unconsciously I do get influenced by his prosaic writings.


·         Los Angeles - Hmm…trust me, I am not making an overstatement, in saying that Los Angeles to me is like the blood flowing in my streams…it’s something I can no longer live without. Separate me from L.A. and there may not be any “life” left in me whatsoever (Psst…hubby, are you getting any ideas?!). I am so filled with gratitude towards this place, for it is this place that has made me discover a whole “new” me (it continues to do that every day, even today)!


·         “Knows Too Much” - Who’s that?!! Well, let’s just say that you will figure it out in the due course. For now, I want to “thank” this person, for it was this person, who has always urged me to put my thoughts on paper (there you go - you have this person to blame, is all I am trying to say).  Sincerely, if it were not for this person, I would have probably never thought about doing this thing in the first place. I wish this Good Samaritan all the happiness in this world and I want this person to know that one day, you won’t have the strength to stay away from me anymore... I will be waiting.


·         “Makes Me Look Good” - In all honesty, I should say that she “tries to make me look good”. Needless to say, it’s a tough job (for my dear aesthetician) and it only gets tougher when your “client” starts sharing her beliefs with you, which she thinks are so out right amusing and takes offense when you don’t burst into laughter upon listening. Sigh! I want to “Thank” her for doing all that (on laughing at my jokes i.e.). I wonder if I should have told her though, that those were not my “jokes” but, my “so called” beliefs… I want to thank her all the more, for encouraging me to write, for being such a wonderful friend, philosopher, guide, and now an even more wonderful critique (another one of those who you ought to hold responsible for my writings - certainly not me!).


·         Last but one - Now, now, this is not a fictitious name for a person. This is simply to indicate that this is the “last but one” gratitude note. You with me? Good. Thanks. Like I was saying, this bullet is a “Thanks” for all those who were ever associated with me, individuals whom I ever came across - for it is these people who have given me these experiences and are responsible (to some extent) for the formulation of my beliefs, all of which I think are extremely amusing (wait till you find out all about these!). Thanks one and all.   


·         God Almighty - What can I say here?! There is an old adage that goes…

"God give me the ability to change the things I can, the grace to accept those I can't, and the wisdom to know the difference..." - well, I want to “Thank” Almighty for doing that. I do also “thank” the heavenly father for blessing me with this beautiful yet, challenging dream (dare to dream) and seek thy blessings before we forge ahead on this exhilarating endeavor. May all mankind benefit from this write-up (as Ma puts it, while she places her hand on my head in the form of her blessings), may it accomplish, what it set out to - putting a smile on every face that comes across it’s way…


  Here’s Hoping!!!