And life will never be the same again…for those who dare to dream!!!

Well, what do you make of it? Apparently, this was intended to be published as a Book (as an “Autobiography”, so to say). However, I figured what the heck, in the essence of time, let’s put it on net. So, here I am trying to save you, loving readers - a few extra bucks that you would have otherwise spent in trying to figure who I am, what is it that I have to say, and what have you.

I have wanted to share my experiences and beliefs with all for a while now (on popular demand). That’s correct, people whom I have been associated with (through my writings) always urge me to put my thoughts on paper - it could also mean that they are imploring me to spare them and use paper instead! Anyway, one of the things that I follow as a ritual is to take everything as a compliment! Huh? Simply put, it implies having to look at the brighter side of things and so…

This narrative is an attempt to strike a chord with every individual out there that has a dream (big or small). Trust me, every one has a dream, we may not be aware of it but, it lurks in there waiting to be uncovered, found, pursued… It could be something as basic as wanting to live life to the fullest or it could be a dream to break free, but, each one of us has it that’s for sure.


Hmm…What’s In It For Me? you wonder? Let’s just say that if this account of experiences from real life (my life) and my beliefs, amuses you, puts a smile on your face (just so you know - that’s the effect, reading my favorite author, Wodehouse, has on me), makes you laugh, energizes you completely, gives you the strength to fight back or for that matter encourages you never to give up (come what may) then I would think that I did achieve what I set out to accomplish, to begin with. If on the other hand, in the extreme cases (and this is certainly a possibility that cannot be argued) this gives you a survival kit for life or makes this world a better place to live, then…well, that’s a lot of wishful thinking on my part however, it doesn’t hurt to dream… now, does it? (and that’s the whole point)…So, dear readers, it is this dream of mine that I am pursuing - to make you fall in love with your life…all over again!

Dare to dream and life will never be the same again…BTW, a combination of that (sans the spaces, and separated by special characters) is also the email address you can send your affectionate and overwhelming thoughts to (please click on link “Shoot Me” for the exacts)…Do me a favor, if it’s “constructive”, not that I was going to add, “then please keep it to yourself” rather, ahem…I was trying to say…then please…umm…put the word “CONSTRUCTIVE” on the subject line and rest my mailbox/inbox will take care of on it’s own! [How? These days the mail/inboxes are smart in that they follow rules, all you need to do is to set rules for them to follow (for instance, a rule could be, “delete all emails marked CONSTRUCTIVE on the subject line” and so forth…. Disclaimer: this was just an example nothing to do with any references to the context whatsoever…]. You get the message…so much so for wavelength syncing!

One word of caution though, I am notorious for possessing an extremely acerbic sense of humor…since the other 6 senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, and yes, the the sixth sense - extrasensory perception) have walked out on me, the only one left (the “sense of humor”), tends to be whimsical (if that’s the word I want to use) - like the “only” child to it’s proud parents. However, rest assured, I will not let that rub off on you… and so humbly I would request you, as you chug along, not to get me wrong (if you can’t get me right)!

Since this is just the beginning of life and of all the beautiful things it has to offer, this account of my experiences and beliefs too, should be more of a progressive elaboration…Hmm…not sure what that means? Well, in short, “progressive elaboration” is a crazy PMBOK* concept (or must I say, another crazy PMBOK concept?). How about, “we will build it as we go along”? Sounds good? And yes, don’t worry too much if you do not know anything about crazy concepts. I don’t either and so be will be just fine together…rest assured, this is not the end…not to the introduction of crazy concepts but, of the good times that lie ahead of us…

* PMBOK being, a Guide to the Project Management Body Of Knowledge - the PMBOK Guide by PMI (Project Management Institute).

One more thing, as this happens to be excerpts from real life, we don’t want to name any person (living or otherwise) so we will refer to individuals linked with these accounts with fictitious names…now that sounds fun! Moving on, I am so inspired by the movie, “Dances With Wolves” that I really like the idea of naming people such. To begin with, from here on, allow me to refer to my own self as “Dares To Dream”. Makes sense? Alright, just go with me on this one for now and we’ll see how that goes. Huh?

On a side note though, I often used to wonder, until I had seen this movie, “Dances with wolves” (with subtitles, of course), as to who is dancing with wolves? Why are they dancing with wolves? Is it “Dancing with wolves”? Or is it “Danced with wolves”? Or “Dances with wolf”, what is it?!, blah blah blah….It was only after having seen the so called wolf, (whom I otherwise safely mistook all along for a cute dog, until the name “Dances with wolves” gets established - in the subtitles), did I truly comprehend (or did I?) why you can’t help but dance with that four legged thing, aka, “Two Socks” (not to be taken literally, as might be expected).

Anyway, I should be off, I need to pull something together for the forthcoming attractions (the excerpts from my expedition, i.e.)… So, hang in there!

Signed With Love…

Most Humbly Yours,

“Dares To Dream”.