Chapter 09.01 - Who? Me???

Hey There!

“Dares To Dream” is at your service with more… Thanks for joining back. Hope all you incredible Netizens out there, had fun with the “Preface”. Yes, it was on purpose that, “had fun with” was used in the above stated, in place of, “had fun reading”, for it can mean a whole lot of things - for instance, a parent could have (out of sheer eagerness), printed a “hard” copy, and either of the following could have occurred,

· An innocent kid (who, out of boredom for being home alone for a while or something) explored the possibility of flying a kite (by making one out of it). And we all know what fate a poor kite is subjected to these days, once it’s out there. It cannot be completely overruled hence, that the kite is not with us anymore. ..


· A teenager (frustrated with the physics assignments from school), in trying to gather insights into aero-hydrodynamics (and wondering at the same time why the BERNOULLI'S and EULER'S equations are wrapped in a shroud of mystery) sailed a (paper) boat out of it in H2O… and so, you see there are a plethora of possibilities that can be listed, in which one could have had fun (Disclaimer: this was not an “all inclusive” list). Nonetheless…

Hang on! Are you saying, before we get started with talking about my amusing experiences from life and even more amusing beliefs and all that, it may be a good idea to know who I am? Uh-oh!

Who? Me???

Consider this more like an “About the Author” (or something on those lines). Needless to say it’s a good question - Who (the heck) am I? Hmm…please allow me to get back to you on this one - I will let you know as soon as I find out! For now, it will suffice our purpose that “Dares To Dream” resides in Los Angeles.

Not that this is some cheesy remake of the blockbuster “Benjamin Button” (for it may not be a good idea to mess with a masterpiece). Okay, if you need an analogy, it could be more on the lines of…hmm…let me think… yup! Got it! It could be more on the lines of the blockbuster, “Back To The Future”. In that, we would not be going back in time as far as the sequence of events goes, we would be doing so only to come back (to the future, eh?).

Huh? Where were we? Ah! Los Angeles! Apparently, the mention of L.A. is of significance because it is this place (and this amazing Country, of course) that fills “Dares To Dream” with countless dreams, this is where it all started, it is here that all dreams had their “inception”, which is also why it will be unjust to give it a fictitious name for our narrative.

Although, come to think of it, can it get any more fictitious than that - I mean, it is already referred to as “The City Of Angels”! Ahem. No offense meant, to my very dear Angelenos (more so now, that I am one of them!) or to the Angels, for that matter - I love you all dearly. With all due respect, as I was saying, it becomes imperative, that this angelic city be given the tribute it so well deserves in that it become the opening point to this thread. The rest of course, will follow. As you may have gathered by now - it’s a journey from childhood to this date (must I say, from Bhopal To Los Angeles? Or better still, from “City Of Lakes” To “City Of Angels”?). Phew! Some journey…

So much so for a write-up on “About the Author”… what’s the rush anyway? We will pretty soon unravel this mystery… after all (if I understand this correctly i.e.), isn’t that what an “autobiography” (per design) is supposed to be - all about me?!

Well then, we are on it!