Huh? C’mon now, you weren’t thinking I will put everything on here and kill the suspense? Now, were you? Ha! Not that this is my idea of a publicity stunt, by marketing this autobiography as a “thriller” (“Comedy”- maybe yes. “Thriller” - Not as much).

The point remains however, that let’s not let curiosity get the better of us (what good will it do us when it “kills the feline”, so to say). As for all you absolutely awesome Netizens out there, just sit back, relax, enjoy (at the same time as you try to read, i.e.) and let the various chapters, unfold themselves when we actually get there (as in “Rolling Wave” or something). Sounds Good?

Sigh! It is understandable, that the above stated gets very challenging to do when the content is so intriguing - you are just left breathless groping for more! (Ma says so. Not me!). Anyway, for now let’s just…

Keep Guessing!