My Pitch - The Adjectives that define me:

Well, Acting is my forte (selling isn't). IF I was good at selling, I would have said…

  • I’ve received Training from - The Groundlings, Stella Adler Academy, New York Film Academy, Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film institute, and Playhouse West. As well as from coaches - Anthony Abeson (NY), Melissa Skoff, Michael Cohen, Chris Jorie, and Linda Slade. Meaning, I’m continually Striving for Excellence in my craft.

  • Look at my Theatre credits. 15 shows in 3 years in 2 different Counties (L.A. and Ventura). That’s in spite of my accent. Meaning, I must be Good, eh???

  • I’ve had the opportunity to work in quite a few Indies, Shorts, and New Media Projects. My latest Indie, “Desperate Losers”, premiered at the Crest Theatre in Westwood, CA on November 05 2015 and has been accepted into the Manhattan Film Festival to be screened in NY in April 2016. My Indie, “Barker Daniels”, premiered in Los Angeles in March 2015. Now, having seen them all, I'm Happy to report that I've Successfully made it to the final cut (of each).

  • I was Taft-Hartleyed into the Union early December 2015 and 'am blessed, humbled, and honored to be SAG-AFTRA ever since.

  • Meaning, I have the Ability to perform Across Platforms - on Camera & Stage.

  • How did I get cast in these Projects? I would walk-in for open Auditions in L.A., Ventura, and Orange counties. Meaning, I’m a Go-getter.

  • How did I find these Auditions? I found Auditions and gigs on my own, without even having an Agent at that time. Meaning, I’m Focused, I’m Self-motivated.

  • How many Auditions did it take? It took me 18 Auditions before I got my 1st gig and in the past 4 years, I’ve been to 124 Auditions (and counting). That means, I’m Persistent, I’m Determined, and... I can count.

  • I’ve performed at the Same Theatre Multiple times. Meaning, I must be Talented. Directors who saw my performances, did cast me in their shows, when I auditioned for them. Examples,

    • Allison Williams - saw me in, "Adulted" and cast me in her show, both shows played at Elite Theatre Company.

    • Alison Mattiza - saw my performance at the Palisades Theatre & cast me as, "Gert Franklin" in, "California Suite" at Kentwood Players.

    • John Fortman - saw my performance in, "The Sunshine Boys" & cast me as, "Rabbit" in "Winnie-the-Pooh", both shows played at Canyon Theatre Guild.

  • I’ve worked with the Same Director More Than Once. That must mean, I’m Professional. People want to work with me. Examples,

    • Jon Berry.

    • Kathleen Bosworth.

    • Mike Moffat.

  • And there are numerous Testimonials from the Directors, Cast, & Crew (from both the platforms) to support that, on my Personal Website. Including Testimonials from the Mayor of Moorpark - my Audience.

  • I’ve also performed at Multiple Theaters and worked with several Different Directors (both - on Camera & Stage). Meaning, I’m Adaptable to change.

  • Both - on Camera & Stage, I have been cast in such Varied roles from Period pieces, to Dramas, to Comedies. I must be a Versatile Actress. Examples from Across Platforms,

    • Dramas - Barker Daniels, Shining City, Stage Door, Dedicated to the End.

    • Comedies - Desperate Losers, Play, It Again Sam, California Suite, The Graduate.

    • Detective in Downtown, "Woman in Line" in Desperate Losers, Mary in X’Mas the Trial, Emcee at Stagecoach Inn Museum, Sexy Nurse in The Sunshine Boys.

  • My Audiences compare me to,

    • Lucille Ball (none other than the Mayor of Moorpark).

    • Audrey Hepburn.

    • Carol Burnett. Not because of my looks, but, because my performances remind my Audiences of these famous personalities.

  • And last but not the least, it is due to the Hard work I have been putting in, all these years that,

    • 1) I've a Pitch to present and

    • 2) I've been bestowed upon with this privilege to present my Pitch to an extremely Honorable, Respected, & Reputed Casting Director, such as Yourself. What more could I have asked for???

So, you see, IF I was good at selling, That's what I would have said.

Thanks so much for all your invaluable time in hearing me out!!! Really appreciate that. Means a lot.