Now Represented (across the board) by,

(818) 322-1408


“Dares To Dream” accepted offer of across the board representation from A.M.W. Talent Agency, around Thanksgiving of 2015 in Los Angeles.

Dances with Wolves

Having spent quite a few years building a credible resume to pitch with for seeking representation, “Dares To Dream” decided to look for an Agent, so as to be able to audition for A-list productions.


After submitting to and having meetings with some very big Agencies, all of whom showed interest in representing her Commercially, “Dares To Dream” knew, the right Agent would have to be someone who believed in her Talent and would want to represent her Theatrically (as well). And so, after auditioning for, and meeting with Mr. Shaw (Co-owner A.M.W. Talent), Yours Truly more than happily signed with them. It was a no brainer. Mr. Shaw is a very down-to-earth person.

As Good as It Gets

What was the deal clincher??? Mr. Shaw showed tremendous respect for “Dares To Dream"'s talent and the fact that she was just getting started. He also showed willingness to represent her across the board, as they embark on this WIN-WIN journey together. Mutual respect and goal alignment are the two key ingredients for an alliance to succeed. Mr. Shaw and Yours Truly's goals align. In that, they both want Yours Truly to get to the next stage of her career - that being, working in A-list productions.

Here's Hoping!!!